Adoptable Dogs

    2. Barr - Saluki

    : Saluki
    : Male
    : 11 months

    Barr is an 11 month old unaltered male Saluki all the way from Dubai. He is all personality and the memories of his hardship in his past life in the EAU has all but faded away with the love of foster home. He loves children as he is a still one himself. Gentle, intelligent, and a genuine desire to please and cuddle the evenings away with a forever home. The Salukis is the oldest k9 breed in existence today. Sight hounds breed for royalty and for the hunting nomads of the dessert. Running down hair at 60 km an hour these guys need to be on retractable leashes when enjoying a walk with them. Not a high strung breed I'm fact after a good walk they will enjoy lounging for the rest of the day. Barr is young and will need training for further obedience but with some tlc and repetition Barr would be a great family dog and hiking companion.

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