Adoptable Dogs

    3. Rakaard - Saluki

    : Saluki
    : Male
    : 18 months

    Rakaard is an 18 month old altered male Saluki from Dubai looking for a couch to call his own. He is thriving in his foster home living up life amongst loving children, horses, and goats. Forgetting his hardships of struggling to survive in a unforgiving land thanks to a lovely woman who dedicates her life to saving man's oldest dog breed and finding them homes in Europe, America, And Canada. Surely this boy will need a warm jacket for our winter months but in the summer he will be in heaven soaking up the sun rays with his new forever family. Rakaard will need some further training and to be kept on a retractable leash while enjoying your hike with him as this breed of sight hounds can run up to 60km when stimulated by squirrels and rabbits.

    Please contact 4 Legged Love via email at [email protected] or by
    Phone: 416-503-3275

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