Dogs for Adoption

Below are all the available dogs for adoption. If you would like to adopt a dog or would like more information about a particular dog please contact 4 Legged Love and we would be happy to answer your questions. You can contact 4 Legged Love via email at

    1. Jake - Poodle mix

    Surrender from private home. Jake was only in his home a short time when the family decided he was too energetic and too much work for their home. Jake is non-shedding and may be suitable for allergy sufferers. At first glance he looks like...

    Xena - Shepherd puppy

    Surrender from private home. Xena’s owners purchased her off Kijiji and found out a few days later they are allergic to her. Xena was purchased as a long haired Shepherd, she is 8-9wks of age and already weighs in at nearly 13lbs! She is...