Blue Dog Chihuahua Bloge – UPDATE July 5th

12 July 2013 | Uncategorized

UPDATE July 5th

Update from Blue’s foster mom:

Blue seems to have settled in well. He LOVES the cats, more than the dogs I think! He is good with dogs of all sizes and will cuddle with any of them if they let him. He’s got so much more energy and confidence from when he first arrived. I think this is due to his raw diet giving him the nutrients he needs and I really hope it means he’s feeling better. He is still stinky (like yeast) a day or so after a bath but it isn’t nearly as over whelming as it was initially. He is starting to accept the bathing as a routine and looks forward to his toweling off and cuddle session after wards. It looked like within the first week he was growing hair back, I know for sure now he is! I believe there is a vet appointment coming up this coming week so we’ll see how much progress he’s made medically.

Blue is off to the vet for a check up this coming week. He will have another skin scraping done to see how much of the mange is still lurking. We also need to have his gait checked out. He is still quite hunched up and his knees may be a concern. Thankfully he doesn’t seem to be in pain and he still motors around like a Hot Wheels toy, we want to be sure he is comfortable though!

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