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Quintessa plays with her Kong – Aug 10/14

Okay, last update for now…   Quintesssa is having quiet time in the bed with her puppy Kong Quinn and her Kong   And when she realizes she is on camera…she just starts to ham it up.  You can see her watching as she plays about to make sure all eyes are still on on […]

Adoption status update

UPDATED – Aug 10/14 Quintessa has now had her splint off for one week and is doing really well!   We are going through the applications in hopes of choosing her forever home later this week.   Quintessa will go for a final vet check this week, if she gets the ‘OK’ she will receive […]

Quintessa Aug 1/14

Home from the vet…no splint!

Quintessa playing – VIDEO!

Quintessa playing shortly before her splint came off for good.    

Quintessa update – Aug 1/14

August 1, 2014   Quintessa just got back from a re-check with her vet.  Her splint is off – for good we hope!   She isn’t quite ready to go to a home yet, the vet would like to give her another 7-10 days without a splint to help her muscles grow and become stronger […]

Quintessa photo

Just chillin’ on the way home from the vet earlier this week  


Quintessa looks like she is well on her way!  Over the nearly two weeks since she has come in to care her leg has made marvelous progress, and so has she!  What a little trooper and what a fun little pup.  We are now starting to screen applications and are confidant Quintess will be able […]

Come on boys…sit nice

Neither Mr Reese nor Blue look enthusiastic about this photo shoot…

Blue – vet check!

  We just go back from the vet with super news!  Today Blue went to get his Rabies vaccine and not even the vet who has been treating him this whole time recognized him!  He thought we’d brought in a whole new never seen patient!! The conversation went something like this: Foster mom:  Hello, we […]