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Quintessa looks like she is well on her way!  Over the nearly two weeks since she has come in to care her leg has made marvelous progress, and so has she!  What a little trooper and what a fun little pup.  We are now starting to screen applications and are confidant Quintess will be able to start meeting with potential adopters soon, possibly as soon as this coming weekend (August 2nd/3rd)!


She is a bit of a little stinker and has managed pull her splint off a few times over the course of the last two weeks and this weekend while just running down the hall way her splint slid right off her leg.  Her foster mom is less than thrilled about visiting the vet so often to have her splint put back on, but it has given us a chance to document her progress with photos each time and Wow Wow Wow, we are all so excited!


Arrival – July 14th

1st vet visit, X-rays, 1st splint – July 15th

july 171 image 2


2nd vet visit, new splint – July 17th

3rd vet visit, new splint – July 22nd

Pics from before we reapplied the splint

july 22 july 22 b jully 22 a

After we reapplied the splint…life’s ruff

july 22 e july 22 d


Most recent photos – July 26th

Her splint just slipped right off her paw while walking down the hallway!  She will be off to the vet again Monday to have it reapplied…

This is what her leg looks like this weekend…

july 27 a july 27



This little girl is such a brat when it comes to keeping her splint on, even the big foster dog’s we’ve had in the past aren’t this tough to keep bandages on, at least it isn’t holding her back one bit!  She is such a gem though and her charming little personality is really shining through.  There is yet to be a person that doesn’t love her within moments of meeting her and there isn’t a person she hasn’t tried to play with or snuggle with.  We had a really busy weekend and I didn’t have time to take a bunch of photos…I missed some super cute photo moments 🙁  But here are a few cute ones….  Looks like she’d be comfortable in a home with another large, gentle, patient dog.  She was also a little star and social butterfly at our big outdoor bash this weekend, she loves people and was loving being passed about like a hot potato for snuggles, kisses and cuddles. She must have meet about 50 people of all ages this weekend and loved it all.  Sadly I missed the adorable photo op with “Granny” and Quintessa snuggling and granny playing tug with Quinn….  But now that things have really calmed down, here are some cute photos of Quinn and her big buddy.  She got her self up there and he didn’t seem to mind 🙂 

july 27 bjuly 27 c




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