Blue – Update: July 11th

12 July 2013 | Uncategorized

UPDATE – July 11th
Sorry for the delay in the updates folks. Blue had a big day last Saturday, he’s a real trooper and hung out with our volunteers for the day in Tottenham at The Healthy Dog Store. He was a super star socializing with everyone and playing with one of the store residents named “Smurf” his momma recently adopted him and he too is a mill dog rescue.

Blue seems to be progressing veeeery slowly but we’ll take it! He does have a light fuzzy growing back all over his body! He has lots of energy and a great appetite. He went for a recheck this week and though the yeast seems to be lessening, the vet suggested that he be bathed every other day (we’d cut back to twice a week). He also started a second round of antibiotics, oral this time. This will help keep bacterial infections from attacking his body while his immune system is in such a weakened state from the mange and yeast/fungal infections. He received his seconds dose of mange treatment as well.

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