Hair there!

15 July 2013 | Uncategorized

Ok so it’s not quite award winning locks yet but it’s a GREAT start!

Blue has eye brows!  Hair in his ears!  Hair between his toes!  Quite the hairy tipped tail too!  It may not seem so significant but for a little guy who had so few hairs on his body you could count them it’s amazing to see this under a month (25 days) later.  We weren’t even entirely sure what his color or markings should be but if you look closely we can now see he is going to have cute little cream (or maybe light grey) eye browns!  He’s also got a wee bit of hair growing at the base of his ears and some good growth between his foot pads.  Between the pads of the feet are notorious nooks and crevices for yeast and fungal bacteria to grow and cause all sorts of problems.  He has not been licking his feet at all and hair growing is a great sign.  We also noticed that he has some lighter colored hair growing in on his cheeks.  He looks like he might have some beautiful markings coming up!  To give you an idea we are thinking he will have markings similar to a Rottweiler – eye browns, muzzle, “cheeks”.


Here’s the proof!!!


It looks like he's got some nice markings growing in

It looks like he’s got some nice markings growing in

Blue's handsome markings

Blue’s handsome markings

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