New clothes just for Blue!

15 August 2013 | Uncategorized

Thank you Port-n-Cork Puppy Fashions ( ) for donating two perfect pairs of pajamas for Blue!

Port-n-Cork makes super custom made clothes for canines!  Blue has a wicked pair of fleece colorful flame pjs and a nice t-knit pj that is a spunky tye dye color.


Blue has yet to sport the fleece jammies but on the cool nights he’s been keeping cozy in these….


Jammies!!! Super cool Thaaaanks! handsome


You’ve gotta check out Port-n-Cork to keep your pet warm this winter!  These items are custom made to fit YOUR dog.  Port-n-Cork clothes are better made, warmer and nicer quality than what you get in the pet stores, and they are very reasonably priced!

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