UPDATE – July 23rd

23 July 2013 | Uncategorized

Woofs up folks?!  I’m doin’ really super here.  My foster dad says I’m starting to get rock star hair!  Ok maybe not quite but it’s growing.  Foster mom says I am way less stinky and I’m doin’ good with 1-3 baths a week.  I hate the bath but I’m gettin’ used to it, I just stand around in the tub while the shampoo works it’s magic, my favorite part is “towel time” when I gets lotsa sunggles in the towel on my foster mom’s lap.

I’m goin’ back to the vet later this week.  Maybe he will say I can go to my forever home soon!


Here is a picher of my n a friend:

Blue snuggles under Otis' ear

Blue snuggles under Otis’ ear

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