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Hair there!

Ok so it’s not quite award winning locks yet but it’s a GREAT start! Blue has eye brows!  Hair in his ears!  Hair between his toes!  Quite the hairy tipped tail too!  It may not seem so significant but for a little guy who had so few hairs on his body you could count them […]

With Love from Blue <3

  Hi everyone, thanks so much for donating towards my care. I’m doin’ better, I feel great and I’m doing lots of naughty stuff to prove it! This week a squeaked my way passed the little kitty barrier and went and ate the cat food…but I couldn’t get back upstairs in time and my foster […]

Blue – Update: July 11th

UPDATE – July 11th Sorry for the delay in the updates folks. Blue had a big day last Saturday, he’s a real trooper and hung out with our volunteers for the day in Tottenham at The Healthy Dog Store. He was a super star socializing with everyone and playing with one of the store residents […]

Blue – video!!!

July 4th – Blue is trying to keep up with the hustle and bustle of the house but can hardly keep his wee eyes open. Blue nodding off Sooooo Sleepy

Blue Dog Chihuahua Bloge – UPDATE July 5th

UPDATE July 5th Update from Blue’s foster mom: Blue seems to have settled in well. He LOVES the cats, more than the dogs I think! He is good with dogs of all sizes and will cuddle with any of them if they let him. He’s got so much more energy and confidence from when he […]

“Blue” has his own Blog!

Blue has his own blog! Bear with us, it’s the first time we’ve tried this!! We’ve started a “Blue Dog Chihuahua Blog” so that we can post updates on Blue’s progress. We hope this will be easier for us to update specifically on Blue and we hope it is easier for others to follow rather […]