Hair there!

Ok so it’s not quite award winning locks yet but it’s a GREAT start!

Blue has eye brows!  Hair in his ears!  Hair between his toes!  Quite the hairy tipped tail too!  It may not seem so significant but for a little guy who had so few hairs on his body you could count them it’s amazing to see this under a month (25 days) later.  We weren’t even entirely sure what his color or markings should be but if you look closely we can now see he is going to have cute little cream (or maybe light grey) eye browns!  He’s also got a wee bit of hair growing at the base of his ears and some good growth between his foot pads.  Between the pads of the feet are notorious nooks and crevices for yeast and fungal bacteria to grow and cause all sorts of problems.  He has not been licking his feet at all and hair growing is a great sign.  We also noticed that he has some lighter colored hair growing in on his cheeks.  He looks like he might have some beautiful markings coming up!  To give you an idea we are thinking he will have markings similar to a Rottweiler – eye browns, muzzle, “cheeks”.


Here’s the proof!!!


It looks like he's got some nice markings growing in

It looks like he’s got some nice markings growing in

Blue's handsome markings

Blue’s handsome markings

With Love from Blue <3

With love from Blue

With love from Blue


Hi everyone, thanks so much for donating towards my care. I’m doin’ better, I feel great and I’m doing lots of naughty stuff to prove it! This week a squeaked my way passed the little kitty barrier and went and ate the cat food…but I couldn’t get back upstairs in time and my foster momma caught me…I tried to hide in a pile of laundry down there but she found me and made me come back upstairs to play. I love playing with the cats, sometimes they don’t feel the same way but we cuddle at the end of the day so I know we’re all good. I can go up and down all the big stairs now too and I can get in and out of the big door to the yard. I go on daily walks with the other dogs, I walk a whole lap of the property myself but foster mom carries me in a snugglie the rest of the laps, hehe I usually fall asleep. I made myself a bed in the kitty bed, I hang out there in the evening watching tv and the cats play. I’m feeling good about life!

Blue – Update: July 11th

UPDATE – July 11th
Sorry for the delay in the updates folks. Blue had a big day last Saturday, he’s a real trooper and hung out with our volunteers for the day in Tottenham at The Healthy Dog Store. He was a super star socializing with everyone and playing with one of the store residents named “Smurf” his momma recently adopted him and he too is a mill dog rescue.

Blue seems to be progressing veeeery slowly but we’ll take it! He does have a light fuzzy growing back all over his body! He has lots of energy and a great appetite. He went for a recheck this week and though the yeast seems to be lessening, the vet suggested that he be bathed every other day (we’d cut back to twice a week). He also started a second round of antibiotics, oral this time. This will help keep bacterial infections from attacking his body while his immune system is in such a weakened state from the mange and yeast/fungal infections. He received his seconds dose of mange treatment as well.

Blue – video!!!

July 4th – Blue is trying to keep up with the hustle and bustle of the house but can hardly keep his wee eyes open.

Blue nodding off

Sooooo Sleepy

Blue Dog Chihuahua Bloge – UPDATE July 5th

UPDATE July 5th

Update from Blue’s foster mom:

Blue seems to have settled in well. He LOVES the cats, more than the dogs I think! He is good with dogs of all sizes and will cuddle with any of them if they let him. He’s got so much more energy and confidence from when he first arrived. I think this is due to his raw diet giving him the nutrients he needs and I really hope it means he’s feeling better. He is still stinky (like yeast) a day or so after a bath but it isn’t nearly as over whelming as it was initially. He is starting to accept the bathing as a routine and looks forward to his toweling off and cuddle session after wards. It looked like within the first week he was growing hair back, I know for sure now he is! I believe there is a vet appointment coming up this coming week so we’ll see how much progress he’s made medically.

Blue is off to the vet for a check up this coming week. He will have another skin scraping done to see how much of the mange is still lurking. We also need to have his gait checked out. He is still quite hunched up and his knees may be a concern. Thankfully he doesn’t seem to be in pain and he still motors around like a Hot Wheels toy, we want to be sure he is comfortable though!

“Blue” has his own Blog!

Blue has his own blog!

Bear with us, it’s the first time we’ve tried this!!

We’ve started a “Blue Dog Chihuahua Blog” so that we can post updates on Blue’s progress. We hope this will be easier for us to update specifically on Blue and we hope it is easier for others to follow rather than reading through the entire page on our main web site trying to find the newest update on Blue. You should be able to check in often and read the most current updates!

The Blog will be updated until Blue is healthy enough and finds his forever home!

Visit Blue’s Blog often, donate, share and encourage others to share and donate for Blue.

This is the story of “Blue” the worst effected pup in the group. We would really appreciate donations towards his vet care. At this point we have no idea how much it is going to cost to get this little guy fixed up and healthy. It is also possible that due to poor genetics he may battle health issues most of his life. Our goal is to work with our vet to do the best we can in identifying his current issues, treat them and get him as healthy as possible so that he can find a forever home that is able to continue to manage his health and comfort.

Blue arrived in the care of 4 Legged Love on June 21st.


WE NEED DONATIONS FOR ONE VERY SAD LITTLE GUY. The easiest, most secure way to donate is via online Etransfer or PayPal. If you do make a donation please be sure to send a follow up email, let us know your donation is for Blue and don’t forget to let us know what the password is so that we can retrieve your donation. Donations or inquires regarding donations can be emailed to [email protected] subject: Blue’s Care. We’d like to thank everyone in advance for your kindness and helping hand. We will be sure to send everyone an reply of Thanks!